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Bad Bentheim

As an unmissable landmark, Bentheim Castle shows visitors from all directions the way to the romantic city of Bad Bentheim. Away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, you can relax and unwind in peace. We wish you a pleasant stay!

Bad Bentheim Specialist Clinic

Thousands of hectares of mixed woodland surround the thermal salt and sulfur baths in Bentheim, which has developed into a specialized clinic and health center over the course of its history. As early as 1711 the healing powers of sulfuric mineral waters were put to use. Added to this is the locally available therapeutic treatment using a 27-percent thermal saltwater bath and natural mud. These form the basis of the broad spectrum of treatments we offer.

Grafschaft Bentheim Tourism

Grafschaft Bentheim invites you to spend a relaxing or active vacation here. At this tourist website of Grafschaft Bentheim you will find interesting information dealing with tourist themes, leisure activities, and vacation in this county that also offers the best conditions for cyclists in all of Lower Saxony.

Burgi e.V.

Click here for the pages of the Burgi e.V., a Bentheim association with different programs on the subject of castle, medieval times, sandstone and others. We do not only castle tours but also thematic children's birthday parties, day trips and supervise school trips.

Castles and Palaces in the Münsterland

More than 3,000 water-surrounded castles and ancestral seats of the aristocracy are purported to have once existed in Westphalia. Yet today over 100 palaces, castles, and manor estates in the Münsterland region still attest to the days of the lords. Even the mere glimpse of the numerous moated castles makes romantics go weak in the knees, and in the case of castle grounds, even history buffs begin to rave.

Vacation for Children

Accompanied by Lilli & Luuk you will learn at this website about opportunities you will have for spending an exciting vacation in the EUREGIO!

Schenck’s Palaces and Gardens

On this website you will be introduced to over 900 palaces, castles, gardens, manor estates, cloisters and monuments in Germany. 
Here you will find residences that are open to the general public as well as residences that are available for special occasions such as weddings and business events.


At CASTLEWELT (Castle World) you will find fascinating castles, palaces, cloisters, parks and gardens, unique museums and much much more in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

"Border Experiences"

Hiking routes in the German-Dutch border area

Resort Hotel Bad Bentheim

The luxurious service of a top hotel, combined with the tranquility and comfort of your own home! This is the Resort Hotel Bad Bentheim.

Holiday Resort Bad Bentheim

Holiday villas in beautiful park landscape.

Freilichtspiele Bad Bentheim

We look forward to your visit to one of the most beautiful open-air stages in northern Germany.

Hosts Lower Saxony

In this accommodation directory you will easily find accommodation, events, destinations and much more in Lower Saxony.

kids & family

Leisure tips for families and kids .... Don't search, but find!


Nearly 200 companies in Lower Saxony have already joined the initiative KinderFerienLand Lower Saxony. All of them have been proven to meet the criteria required for certification in order to provide a great stay for young and old guests in Lower Saxony.

Hotel am Stadtring

Live and feel at home instead of just sleeping. True to the motto: "Not at home - and yet at home".

Musicals, concerts, shows

Tickets, e.g. for the opera performance in the inner courtyard you get at ProTicket

Interior stairs at Bentheim Castle


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