The Counts and Princes of Bentheim in the 19th and 20th Century

From 1753 to today

Even though exorbitant amounts of money were raised in 1804 to redeem the pawning of 1753 for Grafschaft County, a lasting restoration of its sovereignty was no longer possible.

Granted, the new European order after the victory over Napoleon left the aristocracy per se untouched, but it limited German particularism. In this connection, Grafschaft Bentheim came to the Kingdom of Hanover. As compensation, the Counts of Bentheim were bestowed with the prestigious title of Prince in 1817. 

The Princes of Bentheim now experienced their second heyday – granted, without political power, but as a social elite and as able military officers in the service of Prussia. The historical expansion of Castle Bentheim grew from the pride of its own family tradition.

After the downfall of the monarchy in 1918, Castle Bentheim was only sporadically used for stays during the summer, the halls of Kronenburg Castle being considered outdated. After World War II, the Castle served various purposes, until Kronenburg Castle opened up to visitors in 1993.

What about today?

The Princely Family today

Window to the courtyard of Bentheim Castle

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