Battery Tower

In the 15th century, a Battery Tower was built in order to better protect the southwest flank of the Castle. Gun emplacement chambers were set up for heavy cannons on two floors of the round tower with walls 5 meters thick. You can clearly see the niches where the cannoneers stood, and also the vents for the powder smoke. In addition, the lower cannon cellar served as a jail. On the upper floor there was the horse-powered mill, operated with horses or donkeys, so that even under siege, there would be enough flour at the Castle. 

In the upper gun emplacement room there is a reproduction of an Alchemist’s Laboratory on display. Such alchemist’s kitchens existed at many aristocratic courts in early modern times in the search for the Philosopher’s Stone they wanted to produce gold with. 

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We now enter Kronenburg Castle via the inner courtyard.

The Battery Tower at Bentheim Castle © Andreas Richter


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