The Historicist design of the salon, the living room for the guests, recalls the transitional epoch from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance around 1500 — whereas the paneled walls are an adaptation of the Late Gothic era, the coffered wooden ceiling has been rendered in the style of the dawning of the Renaissance.

The salon bears its name in honor of King Ernst August of Hanover, who was the sovereign ruler over Grafschaft Bentheim from 1815 on. 

Civil marriage ceremonies take place here today.

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In Kronenburg Castle you may visit the Hall of Knights, the Refectory, a Bedchamber furnished in the Neo-Rococo style, the Ernst-August-Salon and the Library.

You will find our Carriage Exhibition at the “Lace Bonnet” in front of Kronenburg Castle.

The Ernst-August-Saal inside Bentheim Castle © Thomas Wallenmeyer

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