The Hall of Knights

The room that had formerly been the Hall of Knights during the Romanesque period, where the lords of the castle met with their vassals in the 13th and 14th centuries, was converted into a Banquet Hall in Historicist style by Prince Alexis II in 1913.  

The Romanesque building substance was preserved as much as possible, being additionally supplemented in the Neo-Romanesque style. 

The arched windows and the massive center pillar supporting the coffered ceiling attest to this, for example. The fireplace has been left in its original medieval condition as well.

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In Kronenburg Castle you may visit the Hall of Knights, the Refectory, a Bedchamber furnished in the Neo-Rococo style, the Ernst-August-Salon and the Library.

You will find our Carriage Exhibition at the “Lace Bonnet” in front of Kronenburg Castle.

The Hall of Knights inside the Kronenburg Castle


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