The Library

Only the massive bookcase in the connecting room between the salon and the bedroom is reminiscent of the library, which was integrated into the historic book collection of the princes of Bentheim and Steinfurt on Castle Steinfurt. The foundation for this collection of books was laid during the Reformation, when preoccupation with theological and confessional issues was the guiding interest.

With the founding of the "High School" in Schüttorf (1588), philosophical, legal and medical writings were collected. Literary and linguistic interests were in the foreground in the 17th century. At that time, the Bentheim counts were involved in the "fruitful society" founded in Dessau - one of those baroque language societies in which the intellectual elite met with the politically leading class for an exchange of ideas.

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In Kronenburg Castle you may visit the Hall of Knights, the Refectory, a Bedchamber furnished in the Neo-Rococo style, the Ernst-August-Salon and the Library.

You will find our Carriage Exhibition at the “Lace Bonnet” in front of Kronenburg Castle.

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