FAQ – COVID-19 measures

Please have a look at all COVID-19 measures for your visit to Bentheim Castle below.


  1. Is it currently possible to visit Bentheim Castle?

    Bentheim Castle is opened every day. Please take note off our opening times. There are currently no access restrictions. No proof of testing/proof of vaccination is required. 
  2. Do I need an appointment for the visit?

    No, no appointment is required for the visit.

  3. Do I have to provide a negative COVID test result?

    The castle can be visited without a negative test result.
  4. Where do I need to wear a face covering?

    There is a FFP2 mask requirement in the entrance area and in the buildings.  If you don't have a mask with you, you can purchase it for € 1 each at the castle ticket office. 

  5. Is the castle fully open or are parts of it closed?

    All areas of the castle are open as usual and are accessible.

  6. Can I get a guided tour of the castle?

    Inner courtyard of Bentheim Castle


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