Taking photos in the castle

With us you are welcome to take pictures! The private use of photos from Bentheim Castle is allowed as well as the publication on private homepages and noncommercial photo forums.

Marriages & Wedding Photos

With a civil wedding at Bentheim Castle the permission for photos of your most beautiful day is already included in the costs.

Alternatively, you can create Your Wedding Photos only at Bentheim Castle.

Publishing photos of the castle online

If you publish photos of Bentheim Castle on your homepage, please adjust the images with 72 dpi and the smallest possible page lengths, so that they can not be used for printing. We also ask that you give a reference to the origin of the photos and if possible to link to our website: www.bentheim-castle.com

Commercial Use

For a commercial use of photos of Bentheim Castle you need our permission. If you want to sell photos, we would like to know to whom and for what purpose. Objections on our part may arise, for example, in relation to advertising (for example, advertisements, leaflets, catalogs, etc.) which we must review on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us, preferably by mail at info@burgbentheim.de.

The top of the Powder Tower of Bentheim Castle © Andreas Richter


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